Starting Again, Day 1

Hello and welcome to my little part of the Internet. It’s mid-June and the heat is unbearable today. I think it’s 94 degrees out, and I don’t have access to a pool (just yet).

I decided to start a blog for myself. One that focuses on things I love, things that I’m passionate about, as well as other goodies such as fashion, beauty, and health and fitness.

Perhaps you will find some nuggets in my blog posts that you can relate to. Feel free to follow along as I navigate through life via online short tales.

So to start off, today’s post is about starting over (again). I’m especially talking about getting back on the road to health after a short hiatus.

In September of 2016, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. After fighting depression, weight gain, depression, fatigue, and all of the other tell-tale signs, I asked my doctor to give me a full blood workup. Not only did they find Hypothyroidism, they found my Vitamin D levels were extremely low (alas, why my hair was falling out). All of these results scared the crap out of me.

So I decided to give myself 30 days to reset my diet. After reading about the Whole 30 diet (diet as in food plan, not weight loss plan), I decided that I would absolutely give it a try.

I followed the Whole 30 reset faithfully, but added in restrictions on caffeine as well. I could not believe the results I had. Not only was I sleeping better, I felt the best I had in YEARS. Zero exaggeration.

I did it for another 30 days, and then another. Each 30 day segment brought new benefits and celebrations. ┬áSize 8 then size 6 jeans? What!?! I’m waking up refreshed? Unheard of!

And then, as the holiday season arrived, one of my reintroductions included enjoying some alcoholic beverages at our company Christmas party. That’s all she wrote.

Slowly over the course of the next 5 months, the slippery slope of food choices and alcoholic beverages became one that continued downhill – some uphill victories – but mostly, I slid back into old habits. I also endured some serious stress during this time that didn’t help my newly formed good habits to stick.

So here I am today. I gained back the 15 pounds I lost, I am sleeping poorly, my head hurts, my guts hurt, I’m tired, I’m bloated and swollen. This is exactly where I started back in September.

But guess what? Today’s a new day. That’s the blessing of life. Each day you get to start anew. I am making the preparations to start a new Whole 30 reset this weekend. Baby steps until then like downing more water, making better choices at mealtime, passing up the wine.

So my Day 1 gets to happen again. I can’t look upon my situation as a failure. It isn’t one. It’s merely a lesson in life. I may have 50 more Day 1s, and that’s ok. What a great attitude to have to start again.


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