The Beauty of Summer

It’s summer my friends. This is time for kiddos to be off from school and for those of us that work full-time, to find time to live a fantabulous life after 5pm.

My summer life starts as soon as I hit the doors of work in the late afternoon. I get a skip in my step and possibly even whistle to my car. Don’t get me wrong – I LIKE my job, a lot. In fact, I adore the people I get to spend the daily grind with. However, summer is my jam and summer nights are my favorite.

Driving home, I have around a 30 mile commute from work, I think of all the possibilities that await me when I hit the front door. Let the party begin.

With the sunroof open, air conditioning blowing, and some kind of music (sans Country -it’s just my least favorite) blaring out of the car speakers, you can find me wearing a spectacular pair of sunnies and singing…loud.

Summer is for patio living. My husband and I just bought a new home last August and our new patio has all you could want. A outdoor living room-ish area that’s covered, and an exposed area with our dining table, grill and Chiminea. Perfect.

Our new yard butts up to a State Route. We call it our Hillbilly Highway. Most of the cars you will see/hear will be big, loud trucks or old shoddy cars with exhausts in need of repair. We think it’s better sightseeing than watching the summer series on TV. Almost like people watching at the fair, I like to imagine where these people are going or where they came from. I also ask nearly every time, “why are you goin’ so fast?” If the vehicle is especially loud, we’ll yell after it…”GET ITTTTTTT!”

Drinks and a lovely dinner are part of our summer nights. Sometimes we cook at home, sometimes we order out. Most always that order out is Mexican food. I like my red wines and hubby enjoys his Miller Light. The music goes on and we sit out on the patio until dark.

I’m sitting there right now. The lightning bugs are out and our “pet” frog, Lawrence, is singing from under our patio umbrella stand. We live just on the edge of of town and it’s pretty quiet out here (aside from the Hillbilly Highway, of course). We have a nice pond on the edge of our property and it is heavenly. It’s supposed to storm tonight so the clouds are a particularly gorgeous dark grey/blue with some off in the distance lightning illuminating the sky. ¬†Yes, please.

This is my beautiful summer. These are the days that run long and conversation sparks new ideas. It’s the time for relaxation and doing nothing more than enjoying life and those you choose to share it with.


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