Mantra Friday – You are NOT Dumb

It’s Friday and my favorite day of the week. Yeah, you have to go to work, but it’s the easiest day to do. Everyone is typically in a great mood for the impending weekend and more goofing off is done on Fridays than any other weekday (I’d footnote the science behind this fact, but I made it up-just to be completely honest).

But some Fridays are tough, am I right? Some Fridays you may screw up and really start to come down on yourself, then linger on it all damn weekend. This Friday Mantra is for those days – keep it in your back pocket for when you may need it.

Today’s Mantra: You are NOT Dumb.

Notice the period at the end of this sentence. Period. Meaning, zero discussion or “but”s.

Your only work today is to repeat this mantra when you start getting inside of your own head. Remember all the smart shit you can do. Remember all the stuff you can teach others to do.

Again, You are NOT Dumb. Say it to yourself at your desk, in your car (although, please don’t drive and blog binge), in your bed when you are too lazy to get up, at Taco Bell, or any other damn place you happen to be.


We all have “blonde” moments. As a newly found blonde, I can tell you that this is not offensive.

We all fuck up.

Forgive yourself and remember what a smarty pants you really can be.


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